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Sunday, June 19, 2011

This one's going to get me into trouble....

Please read the whole post before you start yelling at me.

I'm against obortion period.

I believe the way I do for two reasons.

1. I believe a new life is formed at conception, and...
2. I believe this is an avoidance of consiquense issue.

To the first point. From a purely scientific point of of view; as soon as, the egg is fertilized by the sperm there's a unique genetic code produced. From a moral and philosophical point of view this life has potential that I feel should be respected and given every opportunity to thrive.

Some like to look at this as a woman's health issue that because this new life is dependent it's environment i.e., it's mothers womb, that just like another appendage or organ that can be removed if it threatens the mothers life. By this logic up until natural birth happens you can end this life. Childbirth is not an inherently safe endeavor. Even perfectly healthy seeming birth have gone horribly wrong resulting in the death of the mother, child or both. There are no guaranties in life.

More in the definition of life as being or only starting after the new life can survive on it's own out side of the womb. By this definition then none of us are a live you take us out of our environment we all die. Can you live on the bottom of the ocean, or in deep space.

On to point #2. We as a country, I feel, spend an inordinate amount of time avoiding the consiquense of our actions and decisions. I feel that men and women, it takes two to tango, are not taking the consequences into a count when they participate in the act of creating a new life. That is what sex is it's a really fun activity with a very specific outcome intended by nature. We use it to show affection and for bonding, but from a biological standpoint that's not what it was intended for.

If we as an individual decide that we are not ready for the responcibilty of raising a child you have two options. You can not participate in the activity i.e., intercourse, and not participating is the only 100% effective birth-control method. Or, you can gamble with other less effective birth-control methods. If you lose the bet; you can except the consiquense by having the child and raising them to the best of your ability, you can take partial responsibility have the child and put them up for adoption(probably the hardest of the choices) or you can avoid the problem and have an abortion.

This last option is the one I see most of taken, and it has consequences of it's own. The possibility of regret. Those around you might look at you differently. I know I would.

Do I believe the government should be involved funding or regulating this as a helth issue; no. The governments job is to have a legal definition of when life begins and enforce it across all laws.

I'm to much of a coward to get into the abortion after a rape discussion. For onething this is a decision I will never have to make. I will put forth three points for consideration age of the victim, their mental state a the time of the decision to abort or not and the unborn had nothing to do with the offense.

My 2 cents,

Note: I wrote this post so there would be no confusion between my stance on this issue and what I stated in the previous post.


  1. Abortion after a rape can be averted with the timely application of self defense.

    Did you hear Herman Cain at the NRA meting?

    Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness...

    In that order.


  2. Yes, and thanks for the video.


  3. Oh dear we disagree on something, I can never read your blog again.

    lol, I am kidding Josh. I figured my comment would elicit a response. Abortion is a touchy subject and I completely understand the passion people have for either side of the argument.

  4. Dagney -

    I just didn't want any confusion, so I thought put my position on record. As you said there's a lot passion on both sides of this issue this tends to make it hard to have civil discussion sometimes.

    Take care,

  5. Jack -

    Sorry, I should posted the comment sooner. This took way to long for me to get back to.

    "Abortion after a rape can be averted with the timely application of self defense."

    This statement is a little over simplified. For SD to be effective there has to be will and capacity. There has be the opportunity and ability present to stop a rape. A young child doesn't nesisarily have the capacity to be effective in the application of SD. And by will I meen not every one has it in them to do violence to another human.

    Even if SD is attempted there's no guaranty that they will be triumphant.