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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good lazy, Bad Lazy.

We are lazy by nature. This not nesisarily a bad thing. Unless you're a masochist, who really wants to work harder than they need to?
But this laziness can be used for good or evil. I break it down into being good lazy or bad lazy.
One can cause you to work harder and expend more energy than if you had just did what ever it is that you are trying to avoided. Everyone knows someone who works hard at doing nothing.
The other one can be used to make life easer, and by another name is called efficiency. But at what price?
The only way to really tell the difference is look at the results, the consequences, of what we are doing to try to make our lives easer.
Bad lazy, sloth if you will, is the trap that governments use to enslave their people.
Why would you want to take care of yourself if the government says they will do it for you?
Why should I work to better my station in life, when I can get the government to take from the haves to give to the have-nots?

What would our pioneering forefather think of our pursuit of the easy life. For certain things in life there is only one correct way of doing them, and it isn't always the easiest.

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  1. Well, they would beat our butts for sleeping past dawn to start with... and it'd go downhill from there I'm sure!