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Friday, January 21, 2011

One of Two Ways to lose a right.

I posted this comment in here:

@ bs Foot print
You ownly have the rights you are will to defend. Technically you are right as you can only lose a right one of two ways: voluntarily relinquished or at death; as murder is the ultimate violation of your right to life.

He did have two choises: he could move or file a laws suite stating that his 2nd Amendment right had been violated.


On a Whim and a Prayer.

When you allow the government to give you your rights on a whim don't act surprised when they take them away on a whim.

There's a Guy named Travis Corcoran (Blogs under the name TJIC), he has a comic book website Heavy Ink Comics, a blog Dispatches from TJICistan, and another website SmartFlix.com where he rents instructional videos.
The only reason I know about this guy is that some of the blogs I follow have taken up for him and provided links to his story. They have asked anyone and everyone to put up picture with statement "I am TJIC".
"I am not TJIC" as I would not ask anyone to just make a silly statement if support, but I would put out a call to action in helping me defend my rights all the way to the Supreme Court if needed. Another reason I will not be using the "I am TJIC" picture is because you do realize the "I am Sparticus" line was a last bit of defiance after they had already fought the good fight and where about to get crucified?  If you are going to have a rallying cry or call to battle it needs to be a call to action, but as I can't think of anything better I might break down and put it up.
TJIC mad some controversial statements and got his guns taken from him. He did this in Massachusetts where you need a permit to own a gun and his permit was revoked. This is an infringement on his 1st & 2nd Amendment rights. I've said this elsewhere; Everyone seems to me to be under the impression that his Second Amendment was violated when they took his guns from him. No, he gave up his right to his guns when he consented to the condition of owner ship being that a permit was need to lawfuly own a gun and said permit was issued at the whim of the government.
He or any of us should not be surprised if at the whim of the government said permit should be revoked.

I will ask you to look into suporting and to patronize his shops; as, some have started a boycott.
I'm not sure how far he's going to take this in the courts. I would like this to go as far as possible, and I will do what I can to help.


I'm not big on whining, "Less talking, More doing," is what I like to say.

Final draft.

Monday, January 17, 2011

A must read post from Don Surber tittled "I do not want civil discourse"

I found this post I do not want civil discourse by Don Surber.  I found it linked in a post at Daddy Bear's Den tittled  "Why didn't I write this?".

I would like to add: what do we care what other say about us.
We know who we are.  We know what we stand for.  If those who do not know us or want to get to know us and just believe what others spew with out looking for themselves; so be it.  I can't nor would I want to control what others think.
This is not to say we shouldn't correct those we come into contact with by firmly saying,  "no that is not who we are or who I am."
This is to say let us not be stopped by the worry that we might be labbled something we are not. If they want to spew hate let them; as, it only shows them for who they truely are and makes them look bad not us.
Most of the time they're just speeking to the choir.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Love and Lust - Part 2- The Clarification.

As, I was writing a response to a comment on the "Love and Lust" post, I thought the response itself deserved it's own post.
There appears to be some confusion by my, only, using love and lust in my example. I used love and lust because you see it in the news all the time; where, someone kills or maims their significant other and says something like, "'I' really loved them and 'I' couldn't live with out them." They weren't think of the person they said they loved but only of themselves.

Also, I wanted to clarify 'my understanding,' 'my definitions' of love and lust so if I used them in conversation there would be no confusion. I not really sure if I succeeded, but I tried.

Thanks Kai, I hope I clearered up what I was trying to say.

Here's the reply:
"This post(the original 'Love and Lust' post) was about extremes. About the confusion and mislabeling of what or why we feel the way we do about those a round us.
Different people have a different understanding of the emotions that run our lives. There is a whole range of meaning to the emotions that we feel. Where I think we get in trouble is when the focus is all about us or them with no balance.
If I say, "I love you." What does that mean really? Does that mean 'I' can't stand to live without you, or I want what is best for 'you.' Is it possessive or inclusive? .
When a parent says I want what is best for my kid, are they looking at this from what will make the child happy or them selves? "I want my child to be a doctor" is this statement made because the parent thinks the child would be happy as a doctor, or that the parent would be happy/proud to be the parent of a doctor? Is the focus 'I' or 'them?'
Yes, I know what we feel is usually somewhere in between the extremes, and what is needed in all our relationships is balance: between parent to child, between siblings, between friends and even between enemies; as, hate is on the opposite side of love on the emotional scale.

We just need to look and understand why we feel the things we do, and yes I know this is hard to do in the moment that we are feeling them."

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Day.

Why is it we place such importance on this day of January 1st?

Each day we wake up is an opportunity to start fresh.
Each day is a new begaining and an end to yesterday.
Each day we can say this is the day I try something new.
Each day brings a new hope that this day will be my day to shine.
Each day brings with it new opportunities and challenges.

A new day is upon us.  What will you do with it?