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Friday, January 21, 2011

One of Two Ways to lose a right.

I posted this comment in here:

@ bs Foot print
You ownly have the rights you are will to defend. Technically you are right as you can only lose a right one of two ways: voluntarily relinquished or at death; as murder is the ultimate violation of your right to life.

He did have two choises: he could move or file a laws suite stating that his 2nd Amendment right had been violated.



  1. So what your telling me is just because a piece of paper says i have a right that i can just turn off my brain be rude and insensitive to people. That i can lack all common sense? That i don't have to earn said right. His comment wasn't just stupid it was terroristic in nature and perceived context (not the context he meant there is a difference). Stop elevating him to hero mythical status. He is just a joke!

    My .02

  2. Noble men fought and died to give us the freedoms we enjoy. We dishonor them by letting people abuse said rights for there own agendas. Why have we forgot his comment? He doesn't want to change things in Massachusetts. If he did he would be doing that not gaining publicity for himself by saying not smart things. Less wining more doing i think you said.

    I have a right to free speech. I also have an obligation to free speech. Not to abuse it, not to threaten people, make offensive comes about other races or religions. Morals and ethics have to fit into it. We just can't say oh i can say whatever i want.

    Just .02 more sense

  3. Before you say who makes that call on morals and ethics it would be the majority. And in that regards we might be in trouble. I apologize TJIC "he is a joke" i worded that wrong. I meant what you did was a joke. Again my apologies.

  4. The founders where pretty clear the First Amendment is to protect speech we don't agree with, and that the government is not the arbiter of what is good and proper speech.
    The only thing that limits this right is that you can't knowingly lie.
    Our rights are given to us by God a higher power, not the government as some would have you believe today. Not given to you at the whim of the government.
    Should he have said the things he did at the time he did. Probable not. I think it was rude and insensitive, but in no way should his rights be taken from him with out due process of law.

    It's easy to protect the rights of those you agree with, not so much the ones you find to be an idiot. If the police think he broke a law they need to prosecute him which they have done; well that I'm aware of.


  5. There is another way I believe you can loose a right and that is to be ignorant of it. Never been taught it or missed that lecture. For whatever reason you just don't know. And thats pretty damn sad!