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Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Small World.

This is part of a comment that I left on Steve Perry's (author not the singer) blog.  Link here: How to Write - Pacing .

I'm looking to put together a collection of your works ever since I was re-introduced to you and your work through reading your comments on Rory's blog.

It was through reading "The Man Who never Missed" that I realized that I need tobe careful and not set up bad habits. That there was economy of and right movement. That if you new these principle that when the time came you would know what to do as needed.

So, over the years I've stepped into a few dojos and never been happy as after you learn the basic they seem to lock yo into the 'if they do this you do that' paterns of thought and muscle memory.

Then, I came across MoV Rory's Book and it resonated with my soul. This is what I had understood at a subconsious level. But, he had been willing to go through the proces of learning the systems to then be able to deconstruct them.

So isn't it a small world that when I started to read Rory's blog, from the beginning as that is the onlyway to get the totality of something, I run across you and him, having some interesting discussions. Both coming at the problem from different perspectives going to the same place.

Sometimes I feel like a theif in the night scavenging the thoughts (edit: and abilitities) of those around me.

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