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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Moochers and Looters

I'm a fan of Ayn Rand's Books, and her philosophy of 'Objectivism' is the closest, I've found, to my own.
In Ayn Rand's book "Atlas Shrugged," she identifies two groups of people that feel that the world owes them stuff just because they live in it. The 'Moochers” go about acquiring 'their' stuff by guilt and being helpless, and the 'Looters' feel they have a right to acquire 'their' stuff by force.
Anyone that asks for a hand out with out first trying and then tries to make you feel guilty because you want them to do for themselves; is a moocher, and you should call them out on it.
Anyone that tries to take your stuff by physical or mental intimidation needs to be resisted with all the legal means possible, and if the law is not on your side you need to work to changed them; as, the looters tend to change them to work in their favor if not watched.
The whole point of this post is I think we should bring these terms, moocher and looter, back into the American lexicon back into popular use.
So, I ask you anytime you come into contact with a moocher or looter call them out on it.

Ps, Here's a heart warming story about what you can acomplish with out taking government assitance, and Amanda Zych is my hero.

Beck meets the woman who found his fathers coat.

Video #2 has the story.
Video #1 is back story.

You can find Amanda Zych's Shop to the left under: A place to find Cool Stuff - Rogue Retro.


  1. Thanks for this post -- I agree, we shouldn't hesitate to call people out for immoral behavior, whether legalized or not.

    Ayn Rand (especially in her nonfiction writing) was quite explicit about the propriety and *necessity* for using human judgement -- she said, "Judge, and be prepared to be judged." We shouldn't shy away from calling attention to people who seek to gain through institutionalized pity or legalized theft.

  2. Oh sigh, think of the way the world would change tomorrow if each and every person on this planet practiced personal responsibility....I just sat here at my computer staring into space for 10 minutes thinking of the possibilities....the simplicity of the personal responsibility...think of it! If we all took rigid hold of our health, our finances, our work, our behavior...

    Crazy dream, I know.

  3. We're so damn pc now as a nation that we, well not me, worry about hurting someone's feelings, instead of worrying about how their actions affect those of us and the world around them.

    Dagney its my dream to. I'm just not going to play their game anymore

  4. Nice
    Love Ayn Rand.
    Yes personal responsibility is so important and so little used. It should be taught to our children before you teach them to read and write

  5. Oh Josh, time for me to have some fun! :)

    1st, about being PC. I do agree with you that at times, it goes too far. There are some very silly things that go on in the name of Political Correctness. But, without it, we'd still be calling people darkie, nigger, kyke, wop, boy, chick, broad, chinq, Jap and so on. I imagine you don't call those people those things because you know it would be offensive to them (basicly,you're mindful of their feelings) and you've grown up in a culture that now recognizes that it is wrong to denegrate a human being like that.

    However, Ayn Rand would make no such distinction. Objectivism isn't really about personal responsiblity. Immanual Kant, who Rand hated, also advocated personal responsiblity. She doesn't have a lock on it as a sole defining pillar of Objectivism.

    Objectivism is doing whatever you need to, to ensure your happiness. You're happiness comes first. If everyone is doing what they need to to be happy, it's a perfect world, right?

    Well, that argument falls as flat as the theory of Communisim, which states if everyone all pitches in, does an equal amount of work and we all share with each other, we will all be happy.

    Both are terribly lovely theories but fall VERY flat in real world applicates. 3 year olds are the best example of where pure selfish desires get us. They are demanding, have no real thought of other human beings and desires and only want more.

    Now, I personaly LOVE Rand's writting style. I read Atlas Shrugged and get shivers with her eloquence and how she turns a phrase. I think her characters have the morality of eels though.

    I take some issue with how she characterizes everyone else. It's all black and white to her, with the Moochers being so bad that they are cartoon charicatures of the left, and Looters getting the same treatment. It's a flaw I see in her work, that she wants to make her point so badly that it affects the believability of her story.

    Been a while since I could argue with someone. Keep it up! :) I like good debates.

  6. Lou -
    About PC as society progress and our understanding of what is exceptable language changes we would naturaly shun those using language we didn't aprove of. Pc now days is all about not offending anyone. You can tell all the racist white jokes you want I don't care as words only have the power you give them. I would rather know who I'm dealing with and mabe we can work out our differences.
    I never know who I'm talking to anymore; as, we have sanitized our language to such an extent. Is what poeple say really what they believe or is it what they know they are suposed to say?

    Have you ever met some whos says all the right things, but his actions never match his words?

    Your understanding of 'Objectivism' is different from my own. To me it means self first then others. I do not look to or expect other to do for me. If I do ask for help because some thing is not in my ability, and I know this because I tried to do it myself and failed, it is with the full expectation that it will be payed for in full with something of exual value. NO free rides. That is what 'Objectivism' is to me. If I do help someone it is with the full expectation that they will pay me back or at least passit on. Not stay helpless needing hand out after hand out. Stephen Hawkings.

    Don't know Kants I need to read up on him to have an opinion. By the way my writing and my philosophy predate my reading of Ayn Rand, so I never thought she had a lock on PR..:-) Got it from my dad. :-)

    Objectivism is not doing what ever to make yourself happy. It's about living a productive life, one not relying on other to do for you.
    It's about not being a slave to those that hand out the goodies.

    As to her charactors and stories; I find the parallels to to day a little frightening.

    Yes, I have found my worthy adversary.


  7. Sorry, just realized there could be some confusion with the Stephen Hawkings comment. Hawkings is someone who could of went down the road of self-pity and helplessness. He could of gave up on life, but he chose to fight on by continuing to contribute to sociaty with nothing more than the power of his intellect.