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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Avoidance or Hiding of Consequence

How much of lifes problems are a result of us trying to avoid or hide the consequences of what we want to do or have done.  Earlier I stuck my foot in my mouth and made my self look like a complete ass.  I made a comment on a blog with an incomplete understanding of what was said or context.   I wanted to delete the comment. What I did was thank the author, explaned to him and my self what went wrong (the learning moment).  Now everytime I go back to that post and the comment I made it will remind me to be more attentive to what I read.

For those that might want to read it. Update  on Chiron.


  1. Don't we all love being reminded that we are imperfect humans?

  2. We should but all to often we lie to ourselves and those around us to protect our self-image. Sometimes we lie cause we don't want to face that we can't or shouldn't do something. I realy can't afford this house, but I'm going into dept and it will work itself out later. I didn't say that mean and hurtful thing to some I love. I'm just going to pretend and act like it didn't happen. These are things that get us into trouble.