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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The ones that think they know whats best are the ones you have got to watch.

This post from Borepatch got me to thinking about it's not just about "Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs" or even about "Mutts" It's the shepherds you really need to watch out for. Those people that feel they know what is best for the sheep even if it's being put into a lamb stew.

There is a feeling expressed by those who have been to the sharp end. That they see the wold clearer than most. Maybe so, but that doesn't give you the right to make me a slave to your will. Sheep are not free thay are the property of the sheperd, and he can do with them as he wills.

An out of control sheepdog is a symptom of an out of control shepherd, but the shepherd never gets the blame. Also, what happens to the sheepdog that hurts or kills a sheep?

The Thin Blue Line - the us vs. them crap needs to stop.

A lot of evil has been perpratrated with the justification of "This is for your own good!"

I did not join the millitary because it would make me special or beter than someone who didn't. People that become soldiers, firefighters, police officers are men and women that made a choice to do a job for reasons of theirown. If you joined one of these groups to become spiecial or join a brotherhood you need help.

Those that feel they have they right or the ability to take care of those around them are a danger to us all. I personaly have a hard enogh time keeping myown life in order; let alone trying to be responsible for all those around me. People need to first get and keep their own life in order before they even think about helping others.

A plea to all those in power if you actually feel qualified to make life choices for me put down your gun or legislative pen and back away slowly.

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