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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Where the Founders went wrong....

with the US Constitution.

They allowed the US Constitution to be defined out side of itself.

They should of been implicit and clear within the document as to what was intended.

Leaving it up to an outside court or the Federalist Papers to inform us, the people, what was intended.... mmmmmm not such a goog idea.

All that was needed to destroy The Constitusion was to change in the publics eye and in the courts what it means.

My 2 cents,

China some #'s to think about.

1 & 3

2-5% and 20%

Sunday, September 25, 2011


If Palin isn't going to run, I would like her to throw her whole support behind Herman Cain.

That is what I would like to see, Cain is the only one I could vote for at the moment. I would like to support Ron Paul. But I feel he would pull our military back from over seas to fast and leave a vacuum that some really bad acts would fill.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Someone worth looking into. IMHO

Peter Schiff

Edited 9/25/2011 with a video and a book I think every child should read.

A Video. Check the date this is what he said at the time, not after the fact.

"How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes" by Peter D. Schiff.

You can catch him on Huckabee to nite on 9/25/11.

Herman Cain is the man.

That is all.

Why stop at a Balanced Budget Amendment.

This is for those of us who support a balanced budget amendment, why stop there?

If we are already mucking around with the U.S.Constitution let's go ahead and repeal the 17th and amend the 16th into a flat tax of 10%, which by the way it was never supposed to go above, while we are at it.

Hmmm... what do you think?

TL In Exile: This Is A Dead Republic

Another post from someone that speaks better than I.

TL In Exile: This Is A Dead Republic

In joy....

Friday, September 23, 2011

No words....


Some Parents are ....

P.S. We deserve what we get if...

We elect someone like Mit Romney to be our nominee, just to appease some independences who voted for Obama and are not happy now.


I keep hearing, "That if we don't kick Obama out of office The Republic is dead."

This is crap. Not that he isn't doing a lot of damage, but let's look at it this way, "Who would of been president if he would had of lost the first time?"

Answer, John McCain.

We (the country and Tea Party) would still be a sleep; No Tea Party, No public debate on *the debt* or returning to founding principles and limited government. Just some of us still bitching at big spending RINO Republicans and getting shit on by our own party.

If Mit or Perry do win, are they going to talk a good game while still growing government to further political ambitions? Just slowing the bus down on it's trip over the cliff.

Are we going to go back to sleep thinking we have won?

I would rather have Obama in office than some RINO Populist.

I would rather control the Senate & House than the Presidency.

My 2cents,

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Medal of Honor recipient Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer

You are worthy.

“This isn’t about me. If anything comes out of it for me, it’s for those guys." - Sgt. Dakota Meyer

From an ABC News article:

He insists he is not a hero, but was only doing “what Marines do…I’m the furthest thing from a hero,” he says, “if this is what it feels like to be a hero you can have it.”  He adds, “What gives me the right to be standing here today and not their kids? I feel like I failed them and I failed their families.”

Thank You and all who served with you.

Bureaucracy Defined

If insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, then...

A bureaucracy is defined as where you fix multi-dysfunctional systems by adding another overarching layer.

Government Insanity.


FEMA a study in what not to do.

Does this make any sense?

"Now here's where the bureaucratic red tape comes in. Under FEMA regulations, the tornado shelters are considered "temporary" -- only necessary while the schools are being repaired and the students are in the trailers. When the schools are rebuilt or repaired, FEMA rules state that the federal government has to get rid of the shelters.

That can happen three ways:

1) The schools can buy the shelter from FEMA (about $375,000);

2) The schools can find a buyer;

3) If neither 1) nor 2) is feasible, FEMA will give the schools more taxpayer money to demolish the shelter and haul away the debris."

Wednesday, September 14, 2011



WTF Walgreens?

For this reason I don't think I will be doing any of my shopping at Walgreens.

This is what happens when a permissive antiself-defense culture is tolerated.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shhhh..... I'm going to tell you a secret....

Come closer... a little more.

Can you hear me.... of course you can't; I'm typing this.

Ok, here goes, the secret to life is... a little forethought, self-discipline and action.

Now go forth be happy and multiply!!!

This has been a TToJ Public Service Announcement.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Evangelistic Atheist Piss Me Off.

As one atheist to another, shut the f*** up. I really hate when someone tries to push their beliefs onto others.

This pisses me off.

It would be something if 'they' made it mandatory that you had to stop and prey in front of it, now that would be something.

Why or what makes Dave Silverman think he has any moral authority to even have an opinion as to what goes on at or into the 9/11 memorial. Is he part of the 9/11 families or one of the 9/11 emergency workers? If not, shut the f*** up.

I really wish people would go and look at what Thomas Jefferson actualy said about a wall between church and state.

Atheist like to quote what is called "The Establishment Clause" - "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion..." But, they conveniently forget the next part of the First Anendment, "...or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..."

Dave are you saying that religious people can't apply for government grants? Should we then take out all religious references in the Smithsonian? Are you trying to censor what happened after 9/11? Just because you don't agree with what some religious people did after 9/11 doesn't give you the right to negate what they did. As soon as you limit, because of government involvement, when and where someone can prey or practice their religion you are using the government to prohibit the free exercising thereof. Just as the government has no business tell you when to practice or not practice religion, neither is it any of yours.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pulled from the Woodpile Report 227 - 2 Aug 2011


As Remus told you in Woodpile Report 8, nobody really judges a person solely by the color of their skin, at least nobody he'd wanna know. Martin King was right when he said we should judge people by the content of their character.

So let's do some judging.

We form entirely reasonable opinions by observing ordinary things about other people. For instance, are they considerate, courteous and pleasant or are they obnoxious, confrontational and crude? Do they dress to an acceptable standard, or wear offensive costumes? Are they thought well of, or are they habitual troublemakers?

Are they dependable and honest, or untrustworthy and criminal? Are they reasonably intelligent and inquisitive, or ignorant and incurious but deviously clever? Are they sociable and cooperative, or consumed with self interest? Do they speak intelligibly, or use gang slang? Can they disagree without insults, threats or violence?

Are their kids well behaved, or foul-mouthed junior street thugs? Do they value education, or are schools just their free day care? Are they self-reliant, or does the world owe them a living? Do they take personal responsibility, or is somebody else always to blame? Do they give others the benefit of the doubt, or do they see others as cunning victimizers?

Are they truthful about their personal history, or is it a pastiche of self-serving fantasy? Do they plan for the future, or lunge at short-term payoffs? Do they earn respect, or demand it? Do they believe race is irrelevant, or do they use race to extort preferences?

King had it right, judging people by the content of their character is reasonable and just. We should do more of it.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

My take on Personal Responsibility again.

Note: This is a repost of one of my first posts. I have edited it and placed somethings in bold.

     What is Personal Responsibility? To me these words mean taking ownership of ones own actions. I will not expect nor is it anyone else’s duty to take care of me! I will not whine or blame others if things do not go as I plan.

The first responsibility of the individual is to oneself, now this might sound selfish to some, but if you think about it; it’s really not. If you take care of yourself first you’re not a burden on your family, society or anyone else, and you can help others in times of need. Now this doesn’t mean putting yourself first at the expense of others.

Let me give you an order of importance to the responsibilities in your life. Your first responsibility is to your self then family, friends, acquaintances, local community and the world at large.

Now you might be asking why family isn’t first. Let’s say you put your family first and give everything to the family. Say a family member needs some money, so you just go into debt to get the money, because you’re not worried about yourself. Now you get so far in debt that you can’t pay your own bills. You are now a burden to your family.

If you had kept your responsibility to yourself in minded, and said, “How can I help this family member support himself, so we can both prosper?” You would be keeping this principle in mind.

So, if the individual is strong then our families, friends, acquaintances, the local community and the world at large will be strong.

Now there are things that happen that are out of our control. Let’s say, a natural disaster comes along and destroys my house. It’s not everyone responsibility to insure that I get my life back exactly like it was before. It is my responsibility to plan for the future and part of that future is uncertainty and Mother-Nature. It’s my responsibility to ask myself, “What could happen and what should I do if it does?” and plan accordantly.

We can band together to help each other start over, but it’s not mandatory. I do believe in teamwork. You wouldn’t ask a teammate to do something and then stand around doing nothing with your handout? Teams work together to accomplish something for the benefit of the group. If, you do have to accept someone’s help don’t fall into the trap of always relying on others. You should try to do things yourself first and if you really can’t do something then ask for help; while still doing what you can yourself. You will be surprised at what you can accomplish on your own. No freeloading, after you recover from what ever you needed help with pay those who helped you back in full; plus a little extra. There should be no free rides.

If you do rely on the government and others to take care of you, you are weakening are society, because you will put-off doing things waiting for someone else to take care of them.

So, if something bad happens pick your self up, dust yourself off and start building your life over.
There are no guaranties in life, so plan accordingly.

Ann Coulter is going to hate me.

This made me sad.

You can really tell the strength of someone's metal when they have some heat put on them. Instead of standing up for personal responsibility, NO Christie goes, just like everyone else, give me my money, make my booboo better, give me my life back as it was before. Where is our sense of pride in self-reliance and in our States.
He could of said, "We don't need you and your Federal 'crack' money. We are going to stand or fall on our own two feet." Where is this generations Warren G Harding and Calvin Coolage.

I've been fighting an urge to disengage from the world. (I said 'world' not life.) It started with Allen West's vote to raise the Debt Ceiling. His Side here.

My responce to West.

First off, let me say at least he's make these discissions on what he thinks is best for the contry. But, I think he is wrong and I have three points as to why. (You need to go to the link as the First two points are in referance to the video and things he said in it.)

First, this holding action you speak of how long is it going to last? Another 30 years or so? Do we have time to fight this holding action? Is this just an excuse to kick the can down the road again? At some point you have to turn and hold your ground, correct?  This leads to point number....

Two, You made a foot ball reference of we should be happy when we gain 4 yards and not complain, or something like that. If yards equals trillions, what your asking me to be happy about is that we lost 8 yards instead of 10.

Third is not about anything he said, but a statement of my belief that, "We would of been better off haveing our dept crises now than later.

:.-( What to do,

Note: The last three posts where in reference to my thougts on this. We elect them to do certain things and they still end up doing the the same old things as the ones before them?

Thursday, September 1, 2011