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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Here is my dilemma. To blog or not to blog?

PC has killed the art of debate in this country.
When did stating an opinion on someones decision or idea, good or bad, automatically equate to judging them, good or bad, on a personal level. When did we start having to worry about hurting someones feeling when stating an opinion. 

The purpose of this blog was to test my understanding of some old ideas and my personal code. Except for one old friend (we've taken our descution to email), no one has challenged anything that I've said. If I wanted to get patted on the head and told what a good boy I am, I would join AA. 

Since I'm not being challenged on my own blog, I've been trolling around the blogosphier making a nuisance of my self.

What I've found is everyone just gets into their groups and pats themselves on the back and each other on the head all look for conformation of their worth from the group(I'm over stating this. They're lot of good blog and most of what I'm about to say is in reference to commenters).
Anyone that states anything outside the norm is emediatly ostracized from the group for even daring to have an opinion other than theirs. How do they do this with personal attacks on character and inteligence. Sometimes they will base their argument on the way they feel or how they want some thing to be. Not on provable fact.  They will base an arguement on an assumption and treat it like fact. Sometime they attack my spelling to try and negate the massager instead of dealing with the message*, and other idiocy.  All this makes me sad. 

The biggest thing I noticed was that everyone likes to point out what they think is wrong, but hardly anyone ever offers up a way to help or fix a problem i.e., there's a lot of whining. What this means to me is they are waiting for someone else to do the hard work of fixing what they perceive to be a problem.

So, my choices are (1) to stop blogging as I'm not happy with the current state of things. 
Or, (2) just except this will probable just end up my electronic journal where every once in a while someone will come by and pat me on the head and tell me what a cleaver little boy I am.

I will need to think on this,

*Has anyone thought I might be dyslexic? Not an excuse or playing the victim card as all this means is I have to be extra careful in my typing and spelling.  Grammar I'm just bad at it.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011