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Saturday, February 18, 2012

More Us vs Them Crap.

I always wonder what mithical them they are trying to protect when their trained to think of everyone not in a blue uniform as the enemy or at the very lest a threat. The Police are not worried about public safety or your safety. They're worried about their safety.

Ran across this at wirecutters blog - Knucledraggin my life away.

They're like a vicious poorly trained guard dog that you have to be careful interacting with, because your never quite sure if its going to bite you or not. If I could, I would require every Officer to take Rory Miller & Marc "Animal" MacYoungs Conflict Communication course/seminar. Link here.

They act like they are in the most dangerious job in the world and that they coulde die at any moment. I used to be able to say that they wheren't even in the top 10, but no longer.


Sigh... :-(

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  1. It makes sense when you know who is really pulling their strings. The police are owned by the unions. It is the unions that protect them from crims, internal investigation, and lawsuits. Some guy sues police abuse. Police officer in charge pays nothing, reroutes it to tax payers. Or the unions sue it from the taxpayers indirectly with paid suspensions.

    Police are also required to pay unions a part of the slice. The slice is thus guaranteed by the politicians, whose job is to create a permanent underclass in places like Oakland, Detroit, and Chicago to get a solid voter base. 95+% voted for one President. Almost as good as Saddam got.

    In a way, it is like a co dependent relationship. The politicians get something out of increasing crime and solving it with police brute SWAT power. And the unions get something out of it by increasing crime or increasing the risks for officers due to sub standard training, as this makes more of a demand on the unions to "call the shots".

    It's almost like Fast and Furious. Create the problem. Provide the solution. Easy. The solution of course never really solves the problem, because there was no problem. The solution was just to grab more power for a totalitarian clique.

    One cannot gain power in a community without creating or acquiring an external enemy. This has been known to work throughout humanity's various milleniums. Human beings need an enemy to be afraid of, if totalitarian regimes are to gain power.