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Thursday, December 29, 2011

How Ironic.... in a gallows humor sorta way.....


A Patriotic American Fucked Over buy her own government.

Used to be you had to have caused some form of harm or damage to have broken a law.

I'm really starting to think I'm a sucker and simp.



  1. Yep, one of these days somebody is going to get the right lawyer and NYC is going to lose BIG $$!

  2. That somebody will have to have sccess to vast resources and a lot of free time too.

  3. Its just another example of dumb government. They believe that this law biding citizen who wanted to check her weapon will be an example to all those criminals out there to change their ways. Its just sad and all the criminals our just laughing their asses off.

  4. Technically she wasn't law-abiding. She was exercising a Constitutional Right, but what does that mean anymore.

  5. A sad sommentary.

    But every state has different gun laws, some more restrictive than others (in IND you can carry in a restaurant/bar, others no). If you don't check before carrying and assume, you are going to find yourself in for a very bad day eventually.

    Hopefully she'll get a good lawyer and this will help change things in NYC.

  6. Brigid -

    Death by a thousand....