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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This is why I'm taking a break: the human race is f'n Insane!!!!!

I'm starting to see red, think Bluto in the Popeye movie, evertime I hear someone whine about economic problems of their own making i.e., tuition dept and the house crisis.

If you put yourself in debt, it was your decision. If you bought an over valued education or house; I don't care or want to hear it. It's your problem. Deal with it!

Don't you think I want a house and a Lexus, but guess what I did? I looked at my finances and determined that it wasn't in my budget and didn't buy into the hype.

I did the smart thing, or did I?

Now the Big Government types, Dems & GOP, want me to believe it's my responsibility to take care of those to stupid to think ahead and for themselves.

If the definition of insanity is, "Doing the samething over an over expecting different results." then that be us.

And now I'm whining about it. I can't stand whiners, and I feel I'm becoming one. So, I needed to come up with a plan and I have.

It revolves around something I wrote a while back and reposted recently.

"Education is the foundation of a strong society. A Republic only truly works when the citizenry is educated and has the tools to make an informed decision. Those that neglect their education leave themselves open to being controlled by others."

So, if I'm not around alot on my blog it's because I'm working on making that a reality.


P.S. Just thought I would let those that take the time to read my brain droppings(You can thank Old NFO for introducing me to that phrase) know what I'm working on; that I'm not just bitching.

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