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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ann Coulter is going to hate me.

This made me sad.

You can really tell the strength of someone's metal when they have some heat put on them. Instead of standing up for personal responsibility, NO Christie goes, just like everyone else, give me my money, make my booboo better, give me my life back as it was before. Where is our sense of pride in self-reliance and in our States.
He could of said, "We don't need you and your Federal 'crack' money. We are going to stand or fall on our own two feet." Where is this generations Warren G Harding and Calvin Coolage.

I've been fighting an urge to disengage from the world. (I said 'world' not life.) It started with Allen West's vote to raise the Debt Ceiling. His Side here.

My responce to West.

First off, let me say at least he's make these discissions on what he thinks is best for the contry. But, I think he is wrong and I have three points as to why. (You need to go to the link as the First two points are in referance to the video and things he said in it.)

First, this holding action you speak of how long is it going to last? Another 30 years or so? Do we have time to fight this holding action? Is this just an excuse to kick the can down the road again? At some point you have to turn and hold your ground, correct?  This leads to point number....

Two, You made a foot ball reference of we should be happy when we gain 4 yards and not complain, or something like that. If yards equals trillions, what your asking me to be happy about is that we lost 8 yards instead of 10.

Third is not about anything he said, but a statement of my belief that, "We would of been better off haveing our dept crises now than later.

:.-( What to do,

Note: The last three posts where in reference to my thougts on this. We elect them to do certain things and they still end up doing the the same old things as the ones before them?

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