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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dreamy goodness....

If Peter Thiel builds it, I would be their in a heart beat.

If you look over at my side bar under OTHER SITES AND BLOGS OF INTEREST, you will see a link labeled "What if 2?" this will take you to the Seasteading Institute.

I'm more interested though in the single or multi-family level steading than the big island concept, but interesting stuff ether-way.

I would like to think we can save this great country, but "what if?"



  1. Sadly, this one is going to be a 'dream' for a long time... Costs are huge, and safety is a major issue.

  2. How is living on land anymore safe than than out to sea?

    Joplin, Missouri. Wind damage is mostly caused by FOD, and If you get a big plat form designed for aerodynamics, you can mitigate most of the safety issues.

    As to the cost, it's a design problem/balancing act between material & safety.