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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Message for Huckabee

Sent this e-mail to Mike Huckabee at huckmail@foxnews.com.

Subject: You lost me on FOX and Friends Saturday this morning.

Sometimes the best thing is for something not to get done.

If you have an addict; and our government is addicted to spending, what do you do? Do you facilitate the addict and make excuses for them; it's only a little spendy know?

Doing something is not always better than doing nothing.

Let's put this in terms you will understand. It's like having someone that weighs 600lbs. set a goal to lose 200lbs; because you can't get them to commit to a long term health plan, and then patting them on the back saying your doing a good job.  As soon as you turn your back they're back to binge eating and now weigh 700lbs.

Your assertion that the Speaker of Houses job is just to move legislation along and get something past is, in my humble opinion, the problem.

People like to make the analogy between a family in debt/credit crisis and our governments current debt crisis.

This is my response to them.

Sorry, if your like most people, that get into a spending debt crisis in this country, you file bankruptcy. The question is do you file under 11 or 13?

Chapter 11: get the courts to screwover your creditors (get them to except 10 cents on the dollar), and start running up the dept again. Or....
Chapter 13: court order restructuring/ payment plan. Stop incurring new dept. Accept a crappy credit score. Cut up the credit-cards, and start living with in your means. This means no new Lexus everyyear. No McMansions. Maybe start shopping at WallyWorld.

We need to accept the pain and get through it, and move on. We've become such pussies as a country that we don't want to take the consequences of our largesse.

The next person I hear complaining about our national credit rating might get down graded and the Fed might raise interest rates is going to get bitchslaped, or at lest a dressing down in a loud voice.

If certain institutions hadn't kept interest rates artificially low and our national credit rating high, so as to make things appear better than they are. Maybe we wouldn't have aloud things to get so out of hand.

We can yell at congress and our government, but they are us, and we haven't done so great ourselves.

That being said we can no longer afford to continued down this path, and just slowing the car down is not going to be enough.

Those that complain or worry about our credit rating getting down graded or interest rates raised are the ones that need it the most.

When money is easy to come by we lose sight of the value of money.

Congresses job is not too just pass legislation, and most of us would like them to stop fiddling with the engine while the cars still moving.

Thank you for taking the time to read this rant.

Josh A. Kruschke
Austin, TX

P.s. Sorry for the car analogies. They seem to be in-vogue now. :-)